Revolutionary affordable PEMF therapy wearable device backed by NASA research naturally helps the body reduce stress, tiredness, pain, improve sleep quality, strengthen immunity, and so much more


Are you seeking help with pain or discomfort, tiredness and fatigue, stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation or a general lack of well-being?

Have you been battling for years to recover and heal from surgery or a severe injury?

I'm sure there have been times when you felt like you "woke up on the wrong side of the bed" or you've gone through the day "in a funk" or "not feeling quite like yourself."

You've probably even thought to yourself, "I need a vacation to re-charge my batteries."

And, if you're like millions out there, you've taken supplements, visited numerous doctors, tried different diets, actually took that vacation, and perhaps even "self-medicated" with any number of options... all with no lasting results.

All of these scenarios are more common that you might think.

Stress Statistics

Stress is very common... but it has skyrocketed in recent years.


More than three-quarters of adults report symptoms of stress, including headache, tiredness, or sleeping problems. (American Psychological Association)


Eighty percent of U.S. workers say they experience stress on the job. (American Institute of Stress)


Nearly half of all U.S. adults say that stress has negatively affected their behavior (American Psychological Association)

Sleep and Insomnia Statistics

Adults between 18 and 64 need seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Adults over 65 need 7-8 hours.

35.2% of all adults in the U.S. report sleeping on average for less than seven hours per night.


Almost half of all Americans say they feel sleepy during the day between three and seven days per week (

Adults experiencing short-term insomnia


About 10% of people have long-lasting insomnia


Almost 40% of people report accidentally falling asleep during the day


About 5% report falling asleep while driving


Pain Statistics


Globally, it is estimated that about one in five (about 1.5 billion) people, suffer from chronic pain, with prevalence increasing with age (CDC)


The prevalence of high-impact chronic pain (CDC)

But, the truth is, you don't have to feel this way. You deserve whole mind-body balance with increased energy levels throughout the day and improved wellbeing.

You're about to discover for the first time ever how to achieve just that with an amazing, affordable, simple, personalized wearable PEMF device.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) Therapy, backed by NASA research and health/wellness experts, has been revolutionizing the wellness industry

What is PEMF Therapy

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is a well-proven and natural approach to health and wellness using low frequency, short duration, low intensity magnetic pulses to stimulate body tissues and improve your health. Numerous health challenges can benefit from PEMF. And there are none of the harmful side effects commonly associated with prescription drugs and medical procedures.

PEMF has been demonstrated to have numerous health and well being benefits, offering support for (and/or natural optimization of):

  • Reduced stress and emotional imbalance
  • Reduced tiredness
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced pain, inflammation and discomfort
  • Balanced circadian rhythms (body clock)
  • Reduced toxic effects of environmental toxins
  • Improved brain wave balance
  • Improved blood oxygenation
  • strengthened immune system
  • Boosted mental and physical performance and recovery
  • Improved the body's uptake of nutrients
  • stimulated stem cells for bone and nerve regrowth
  • Balanced endocrine, nervous and digestive systems

There are currently well over 30,000 studies on the effectiveness of PEMF, and it’s approved for many conditions by the FDA.

Backed by NASA Research

Of the numerous research papers and double blind studies on PEMF therapy, none has been more thorough and conclusive than the 4-year NASA study lead by Dr. Thomas Goodwin PhD on the ability of PEMF to improve the growth and repair of tissues..

After years of sending astronauts into space, NASA noticed that after returning to earth from space, astronauts demonstrated apparent body deterioration such as bone degeneration, tissue degeneration, depression, weakened immune system, and other negative effects.

pemf NASA

NASA Research Supports PEMF Therapy

After researching this issue for years, NASA determined that the deterioration was as a result of those astronauts being removed from the earth’s magnetic field. NASA invested millions into four years of magnetic therapy studies and has also concluded a number of studies on magnetic therapy, officially known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF).

They discovered electromagnetic field stimulation improved regrowth by an astonishing 250% to 400%. NASA's research also showed that PEMF is effective in repairing broken bones including bones that are unable to heal despite repeated surgical procedures. It is also successful in developing tissues for transplantation, repairing traumatized tissues, and moderating some neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

NASA added pulsating electromagnetic fields to the space capsules and the astronauts no longer faced the same problems with sickness and lack of energy.

A Few Ways PEMF Therapy Is Currently Being Applied...

  • Natural relief for back, knee, muscle and joint pain and inflammation
  • Natural pain relief after surgery
  • Natural pain relief for dogs, cats, horses and other pets
  • Calming aid for reducing stress in cats, dogs and horses
  • Natural relief for rheumatoid arthritis pain and swelling
  • Relieving stress, anxiety and tension
  • Reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Natural relief from insomnia and aid to sleep better through the night
  • Focused training aid for athletes

What Experts Are Saying About PEMF Therapy

Dr. Oz pemf therapy

“There's a revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about because it is not a new pill or surgery... Energy waves that changes the way your body copes with pain.”

Dr. Oz //  The Dr. Oz Show

Dr.-David-Williams pemf therapy

“PEMF may be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine."

Dr. David Williams //  Medical researcher, biochemist, chiropractor, and a leading authority on natural healing


“PEMF will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.”

Dr. Linus Pauling //  Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

dr william pawluk pemf

“My goal remains to emphasize that there is very good science to support the use of PEMFs across a wide spectrum of health conditions and physiologic functions”

Dr. William Pawluk //  formerly Board-Certified family physician and leading expert on PEMF therapy

Now for the first time ever, you can have all the benefits of PEMF therapy in a fully automated wellness wearable featuring personalized scanning technology!

Redhealth wearable PEMF devices are truly revolutionary and provide better, smarter PEMF therapy. They are the first, and currently the only, whole mind-body health and well-being devices that are compact, wearable, safe, rechargeable, and highly impact/water resistant designed for personal use.

With other currently available PEMF machines and systems, such as iMRS, Magna-Wave, Bemer, Ampcoil, Omnium, Pulse, Healthyline, Healthywave, Earthpulse, Oska, Flexpulse, Miramate and others, users typically either lay on a mat or plug the device into a larger system for a treatment that carries a price ranging anywhere from $1,400 - $22,000, depending on the specific equipment.

Major advancements in technology have brought whole mind-body PEMF into Redhealth's small, discreet, wearable devices, allowing consumers access to automatic, personalized wellness support, 24/7 for a fraction of the cost of other existing systems.

Redhealth wearable pemf devices

Redhealth Wear currently has 6 wearable PEMF devices based on specific needs and applications:

  • c.Balance - this is most comprehensive device for whole mind-body balance. It runs automatically, 24/7 and is designed to boost your body’s energy system and all it's biological rhythms, in turn, allowing for natural optimization of energy levels, stress reduction, immunity, toxic effects of EMF (e-smog), environmental toxins and travel, pain and inflammation, trauma and general well-being.
  • Ease - this device boosts your body's innate mechanisms for pain, inflammation and tissue repair, accelerated injury recovery and easing many kinds of discomfort such as headaches, backaches, digestive issues, joint and muscles pains, etc. 
  • Sport - Designed as a focused training aid for enhancing all types of performance by boosting your body's innate mechanisms for mental and physical performance and recovery. It also supports rigorous mental endurance of any kind including during studying, testing and exams. 
  • Pet - designed specifically for the needs of pets, such as dogs and cats, and boosts their body's natural self-healing and self-regulation. 
  • Equine - designed specifically for the needs of horses and boosts their body's self-healing and self-regulation. 
affordable pemf device for people dogs cats horses

Affordable PEMF devices for people, dogs, cats and horses

In addition to the benefits typically provided by other PEMF therapy devices, Redhealth devices also offer some unique advantages:

Automatic Time-Activated Therapeutic Programs
The therapeutic output of the device synchronizes with the time of day and your body’s natural 24-hr body clock (circadian rhythms) which include the brain-wave frequencies. This allows the device to help your body wake in morning, maintain vitality during the day, and prepare it for rest and sleep at night.

Personalized and Tailored to Individual Needs
RedHealth's c.Balance device is fitted with a proprietary scanning technology that calibrates the therapeutic programs to the specific needs of an individual user. This allows precise tailoring of programs to a user’s specific, current needs providing ongoing customized support.

PEMF Therapy Testimonials - what users Are saying about RedHealth PEMF wearables

After suffering from sleep dysfunction for almost 14 years and not sleeping more than 3-4 hours at a time, I decided to try the RedHealth c.Balance device. On the 5th night of wearing it I slept 7.5 hours straight. I’m amazed! Since that night I’ve had vivid dreams (which requires energy) and have more coherent mental clarity. My brain fog is gone. Thank you RedHealth for giving me my life back.

Anne Hoover, Newport Beach, CA

My husband sustained a severe elbow injury. It got infected and he had to have emergency surgery after which he received IV antibiotics for several days. Six weeks after surgery his elbow was sill not healing and got reinfected requiring another round of oral antibiotics. With the possibility of another surgery looming over us, I reached out to Debbie and obtained the Ease device. We applied it to my husband's elbow for three days straight, two times a day for a period of three twenty eight minute sessions. I took before and after pictures each day and the change in the skin around the incision was actually unbelievable, color was lighter, swelling was down and incision smaller.

During one session the wound actually closed up and never reopened. We went to the doctor a few days later and he was shocked - declared the wound completely healed and released my husband from his care. This device is very powerful. It is my experience that it definitely speeds up the healing process, especially in areas of the body that are difficult to heal. If you are having surgery or are recovering from a traumatic injury the Ease device is a must. It will save you time, money and grief.

Beverly Gilroy | Verified Owner

I've tested the Sports Watch both in the Gym and when Rock Climbing. As the Elliptical Machine has levels of intensity, I found myself easily able to use 1-2 levels higher than I normally use (which is a big deal as I'm recovering from Chronic Fatigue). I also found my recovery was very good where normally I would be extra tired from that exertion. Similarly with Rock Climbing, I and my friends found we could do more than usual with less effort and found we had greater skill, coordination, strength, mental focus and stamina. Highly recommended!

Vivienne Spanopoulos, Singapore | Verified Owner

I was intro'd to the RedHealth c.Balance, c.Balance PET and EASE devices several months ago and being me, I was skeptical, but open to finding something to help my 12.5 year old Great Dane, Gracie. She had lost most function in her hips and her energy level/spirit was very low. I started utilizing both devices immediately and was amazed that within a few hours I could see the effect. Within days her energy level increased exponentially, and I could immediately see a relief in her beautiful eyes from the discomfort she'd been feeling. She not only became more calm, but also became more mobile, as much as possible for a nearly 13 year old Great Dane anyway! My friends who hadn't seen Gracie for several months were shocked at her awareness and how great she was doing. Because of those effects, I began using it myself. I can't say enough about this device. I suffer from low back pain and lack of sleep. These devices work to keep my circadian rhythms in balance, helping with pain, more restful sleep, and helping me focus better throughout my day.... I wish I was rich enough to buy one for everybody I know!! Invest in one will not regret it!

Jeana Dodge, CO  | Verified Owner

Since using my C Balance daily I’ve noticed my sleep is deeper and I wake more refreshed. I also use all of the boost cycles. They all take the edge off anxiety, pain, trouble settling my mind for sleep and help pick me up when I’m feeling particularly lethargic. The C Balance is at the cutting edge of energy healing and technology combined. I feel so grateful Ellen told me about it and I bought one! I love the flexibility of the Bluetooth feature also.

Anne-Elise Stern, ME | Verified Owner

"I bought the C balance and the ease. They are wonderful. I have arthritis in the knees and the pain is 0 to 2 on most day using it. There were a few rainy days and I used the ease on both knees twice and I didn't have any discomfort. I think for the price it they are wonderful instruments. I would spent that amount in 3 months just for reiki or massages to help with the pain. Now I can give myself the relief. I do not take pain pills, it is just cold compresses or reiki to relieve to pain. I also am sleeping deeper and longer. I am happier and more energetic. Thank you C balance"

Julie Chiesa, AZ | Verified Owner

"I absolutely love my c.Balance. I am an elementary school principal which is a high stress job with long hours. The c.Balance has changed my life! I feel revived, energetic and positive at all times! I used to be tired, stiff, sore, pain in shoulders. The days were long and hard. Now, I come home and still feel well enough to swim laps for exercise."

Megan Burnham, Spring, Texas | Verified Owner

"I have been wearing my own c.balance device with great results for sleep and recently for relief from injuries, but this week I had huge success using the c.balance PET device for the first time with my 13 year-old King Charles Spaniel! My little guy is in renal failure, and he had stopped eating altogether for almost 4 days and had become quite lethargic because he felt so sick. In desperation, I called Debbie and she sent me a c.balance PET device overnight. Within 36 hours of wearing the device, my dog has not only started eating again, his lethargy is gone, he is gaining weight again, and today, on day 6 of the c.balance PET device, he walked for 45 minutes and didn’t even seem tired! WOW!"

Pam Yares, Danville CA | Verified Owner

"The C Balance is unbelievable it helps with so many things for our dogs ,they had the calm ones for 6 months and loved that too. Great for back up when the C balance is charging. Now they have the best of both worlds with the c balance devise .They sleep better have better stools more solid and regular. They travel even better in the truck less stress and happier on rides. Of cause they are protected from EMFS love that !!!! It keeps them in their Homeostasis all day and night. I hope everyone reading this can get one for their dogs well worth the investment. Its like having an acupuncturist on hand all the time it delivers healing one minute equals one hour of acupuncture that's amazing for all that healing in one little hand made devise . Fantastic and my Jacks are in heaven now ."

Elizabeth Freeman, Costa Mesa, Calif. | Verified Owner

"My horse has struggled with some hormone problems that lead to ups and downs in his energy levels as well as some overall anxiety. I use the c.Balance myself so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try on him. He wears his on a breakaway collar whenever he isn't being ridden. I have noticed some more consistency in his energy levels. Also, he seems relaxed and happier overall. After a hard workout, I will run the ease setting to help him recover. Overall, I really believe that this works!"

Sophia Mossman, CA  | Verified Owner

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